Conference Registration + Light Ice-Break

09:20 10:30


Welcome and opening the 5th MetMed Conference, Dr. Jose Luis Palau, Chair of Conference, on behalf of the Organising Committee

Climate change in Mediterranean: current, future and challenges, Prof. Selahattin Incecik, Department of Meteorological Engineering, ITU, [presentation]

Welcome Talk, Prof. Ahmet Duran Sahin, Head of the Department of Meteorological Engineering, ITU

Natural resource management, international cooperation mechanisms and opportunities related to forestry and combat desertification in Mediterranean Region, and UNCCD COP12, Mr. Ismail Belen, Vice General Manager, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, General Directorate of Combating Desertification and Erosion

Welcome Talk, Prof. Mehmet Karaca, Rector of ITU

10:30 12:00

Session 5: Wind energy: Six talks

10:30 – 10:45

K. Horvath: Weather intelligence for wind energy WILL4WIND, [presentation]

10:45 – 11:00

I. Odak: Wind speed ensemble predictions with an analog-based method in complex terrain, [presentation]

11:00 11:15

M. Davis: Resilience: a semi-operational prototype to forecast wind power from weeks to months ahead

11:15 11:30

G. Kirkil: WRFs wind power ensembles for a wind farm located in a coastal area of Turkey

11:30 11:45

D. Koracin: Microscale variability of wind power density assessment in complex terrain and wind regime trends in future climate projections, [presentation]

11:45 12:00

E. Tan: Offshore wind energy potential of Turkey

12:00 13:15


13:15 16:30

Session 4: Numerical modelling

13:15 14:30

Five talks

13:15 13:30

A. Montornčs: Solar parameterizations: impact on real WRF-ARW simulations, [presentation]

13:30 – 13:45

R. Romero: Observational and numerical study of the severe convective storm of 29th October 2013 in the Balearic Islands, [presentation]

13:45 – 14:00

M. Telisman: Impact of mesoscale meteorological processes on anomalous propagation conditions over the northern Adriatic area, [presentation]

14:00 14:15

D. S. Carrió: Impact of kitube data on the prediction of maritime convective severe weather. Test for HYMEX IOP13 event, [presentation]

14:15 14:30

U. U. Turuncoglu: Development and validation of a Regional Earth System Model (RegESM) for the Mediterranean Region, [presentation]

14:30 15:40

Coffee-break and Wind Energy & NM Poster Session (including short poster presentations)

15:40 16:40

Four talks

15:40 15:55

M. Hrastinski: Does increasing the resolution of Mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction models enhance reproduction of wind regimes in the complex terrain?, [presentation]

15:55 16:10

L. Fita: Regional results of the coupling of LMDZ physics in WRF, [presentation]

16:10 16:25

J. Bech: A lagrangian description of the flow feeding precipitating systems over a Mediterranean mountainous region (eastern Pyrenees)

16:25 16:40

R. Salgado: Interactions lake-atmosphere under Mediterranean conditions: ALEX 2014 observations and simulations, [presentation]



08:30 12:15

Session 2: Processes and applications

08:30 10:05

Six talks

08:30 08:50

Opening talk:

Doing regional Earth system science in the 21st Century, Prof. Nuzhet Dalfes, ITU

08:50 09:05

G. Simó: Field study of the atmospheric boundary layer in the Pannonian Plain, [presentation]

09:05 09:20

B. Ahrens: Mistral and tramontane patterns in regional climate model, [presentation]

09:20 – 09:35

J. Cuxart: The imbalance of the measured surface energy budget and an estimation of the latent heat flux

09:35 – 09:50

O. Yagci: The quantification of the relationship between hydraulic geometry of rivers in Western Anatolia and the formative discharges

09:50 10:05

J. L. Palau: Spatio-temporal variability of atmospheric precipitable water vapor accumulation over the Mediterranean Sea, [presentation]

10:05 11:15

Coffee-break and P&A Poster Session (including short poster presentations)

11:15 12:15

Four talks

11:15 11:30

T. Karacostas: The DAPHNE conceptual model for the design of a precipitation enhancement project in Thessaly, Greece

11:30 – 11:45

J. L. Gómez-Amo: Impact of the mixing state on aerosol optical properties and radiative effect during a severe wildfire episode over Eastern Spain in summer 2012, [presentation]

11:45 – 12:00

N. Ratola: Comprehensive assessment of atmospheric benzo(a)pyrene in the Mediterranean under present and climate change scenarios A field and modelling approach, [presentation]

12:00 – 12:15

L. Fita: FF: Water budget analysis on a set of severe cyclogenesis events in the Mediterranean basin, [presentation]

12:15 – 13:15


13:15 16:30

Session 3: Remote and in-situ measurements

13:15 14:45

Six talks

13:15 – 13:30

B. Boudad: Using a model hybrid based on ANN-MLP and the SPI Index for drought prediction case of Inaouen Basin (Northern Morocco), [presentation]

13:30 – 13:45

S. Venafra: Surface temperature and emissivity retrieval form Seviri observations: results and comparisons with remote and in-situ measurements, [presentation]

13:45 – 14:00

C. Birman: Daily rainfall detection and estimation over land using microwave surface emissivities, [presentation]

14:00 – 14:15

J. M. Redondo: Diffusion in convective flows laboratory experiments and atmospheric flows

14:15 – 14:30

J. L. Roujean: Satellite Application Facilities on Land Surface Analysis (LSA SAF): an overview of existing MSG SEVIRI products

14:30 – 14:45

P. Altube: Comparing three popular methods for monitoring weather radar antenna pointing accuracy

14:45 15:45

Coffee-break and R&M Poster Session (including short poster presentations)

15:45 16:30

Three talks

15:45 16:00

D. Carrer: AERUS-GEO: An advanced initiative for tracking operationally aerosol events over any surface targets (including the Mediterranean Basin) based on satellite MSG/SEVIRI observations

16:00 – 16:15

K. Lagouvardos: Lightning studies in the frame of TALOS Project: Climatology, forecasting and nowcasting, [presentation]

16:15 – 16:30

V. García-Santos: Comparing different manners to characterize the atmosphere for meteorological applications, [presentation]


Social Dinner (optional and not included in the fee)



08:30 12:10

Session 1: Climatology

08:30 10:15

Seven talks

08:30 08:50

Opening talk:

Comparing high resolution climate simulations driven by HADGEM2-ES and MPI-ES-MR over Turkey for present and future, Prof. Yurdanur S. Unal, ITU

08:50 09:05

D. Demirhan Bari: Long term analysis of rainfall characteristics related to erosion risk in Turkey

09:05 09:20

P. Mahmoudi: Synoptic anomalies resulting in pervasive frosts in Iran

09:20 09:35

M. Tous: Medicanes in HadGEM3 N512 climate simulations

09:35 09:50

J. A. Guijarro: Homogenization and trends of Spanish mean wind speed monthly series, [presentation]

09:50 10:05

A. Jansŕ: Extension of Mediterranean summer towards spring, [presentation]

10:05 10:20

J. Belmonte: Impact of atmospheric circulation patterns on the airborne pollen dynamics in Catalonia (NE Iberian Peninsula)

10:20 11:25

Coffee-break and Climatology Poster Session (including short poster presentations)

11:25 12:10

Three talks

11:25 – 11:40

Y. Yilmaz: Performance evaluation of CMIP5 simulations for Turkey and neighboring region

11:40 – 11:55

J. P. Montávez: Present and future variation of drought patterns over Mediterranean under several climate change scenarios

11:55 – 12:10

D. Zardi: A climatological analysis of diurnal winds in the Adige Valley in the Alps

12:10 13:00


13:00 16:35

Session 6: Water cycle and climate change

13:00 14:35

Six talks

13:00 13:20

Opening talk:

Probable impacts of climate change on water potential of Turkey, Prof. Izzet Ozturk, ITU

13:20 13:35

N. Kutaladze: Changes in water cycle at resent past 60 year in Georgia

13:35 13:50

D. D. Bari: Long term changes in three dimensional middle atmospheric residual circulation, [presentation]

13:50 14:05

B. Onol: Analysis of Simulated Snow Variability During The 2013-2014 Drought over Turkey

14:05 14:20

R. M. Khan: A comparative analysis of climate change and impact on agriculture and food security and also practices for adaptation and mitigating climate change, The Cases and Asian Countries

14:20 14:35

J. L. Palau: Meso-scale processes in the Western Mediterranean and their implications on the water cycle in the Basin, [presentation]

14:35 15:35

Coffee-break and WC&CC Poster Session (including short poster presentations)

15:35 16:35

Four talks

15:35 15:50

A. R. S. Eddine: Development of new formula to estimate groundwater recharge and evapotranspiration in semi-arid area

15:50 16:05

A. Erturk: Impacts of climate change on water resources in Turkey A focus on assimilation capacity for freshwater ecosystems

16:05 16:20

A. Bouanani: Impact of climate variability on contributions to dam watershed of Tafna (NW of Algeria)

16:20 16:35

O. L. Sen: Climate change and its impacts on water resources in Turkey


End of the Meeting





Session 5: Wind energy

- A. M. Palomares: Application of a Wind-Wave-Current Coupled Model in the NW zone of the Mediterranean Sea, next to the Catalan coast, [presentation]

- E. Yilmaz: Performance analysis of the WRF Model coupled to WindSim and WAsP Models for the Short Term Wind Energy Prediction System of Keltepe Wind Farm of Turkey

- I. Priedite: Economic assessment of CO2 emission reduction in Latvia when part of CHP generated electricity is replaced by small scale wind turbines generated electricity


Session 4: Numerical modelling

- N. Ata Tutkun: A probabilistic risk assessment of time to rainfall of Turkey: a censoring approach

- V. Homar: Potential of ensemble data assimilation methods to forecast severe convective phenomena over the sea

- N. Goktepe: Verification of the WRF model wind speed forecasts for the Western coastline of Turkey

- K. Horvath: Sub-kilometre dynamical downscaling of near-surface wind profiles in complex terrain

- I. Tegoulias: Using object based methods to verify weather predictions

- J. P. Montávez: Extreme hot days trends and its relation with changes in the atmospheric circulation

- D. Melas: Evaluation of the performance of a mesoscale modeling system for wind resource assessment

- E. Tan: Investigating the local circulations by WRF model: a case study of İzmir

- R. Bouanani: Calibration and validation of a model rainfall - runoff: Application to Watershed Haute Tafna Beni Bahdel (Tafna, NW Algeria)

- Z. Aslan: Evaluation of Wavelet and ANN Analyses for wind energy potential


Session 2: Processes and applications

- A. Sánchez-Romero: Retrieval of aerosol optical properties from a multifilter rotating shadowband radiometer over Girona, NE Spain

- F. Pastor: Heat waves prediction system in a Mediterranean area (Valencia Region)

- G. Giorgio: Meteo-climatic analysis at local scale by means of a multivariate statistical procedure

- M. A. Jimenez: Effect of environmental conditions on the deposits of seagrass litter in two contrasting beaches of Mallorca Island

- V. Telesca: A stochastic generation of daily precipitation in Turkey, [presentation]

- J. Cuxart: Mesoscale cold pool flow organization in the Pannonian basin

- J. L. Gómez-Amo: Inferring cloud optical depth of broken clouds

- M. A. Jimenez: Phases of the sea-breeze in the island of Mallorca

- J. Cuxart: An experimental evolution of the fine structure of the temperature profile 2 m above the surface

- D. Zardi: Solar resource assessment in complex orography: a comparison of available datasets for the Trentino region

- J. L. Palau: Experimental characterization of the spatial distribution of NO2 urban pollution


Session 3: Remote and in-situ measurements

- V. Caselles: Comparison between micrometeorological techniques and lysimetry measurements in a Mediterranean vineyard

- D. Haddouche: Characterization of the precipitation variation and its impact on landscapes changing in Algeria

- J. L. Roujean: Development of a surface albedo product from PROBA-V at the nominal resolution of 333M: method and preliminary validation around the Mediterranean basin

- J. L. Roujean: The Theia Land Data Centre

- D. Caselles: Calibration of LANDSAT-8 TIRS bands for meteorological and climatological studies of the Mediterranean area

- V. Telesca: Satellite land surface temperature and ground data for the calibration of a distributed energy water balance model, [presentation]

- J. A. Valiente: Angular thermal-infrared measurements by an autonomous data acquisition system to validate satellite-retrieved LST products

- J. Lorente: Cloud and aerosol effects upon surface solar UV irradiance in Barcelona, [presentation]

- J. M. Redondo: SAR observations of convective flows in the coastal region of the NW Mediterranean


Session 1: Climatology

- A. N. Yücekutlu: Interaction with climate and ecosystem of Saharan dust dynamics

- K. Zaninovic: Implications of climate change to Croatian tourism

- S. Mathbout: Compression of multiple drought indices for meteorological drought monitoring in the Eastern Mediterranean, [presentation]

- M. Achite: Detection of trends in precipitation during 19702010 in wadi wahrane basin, North-West Algeria

- J. Calbó: Building and analyzing a solar radiation series for Girona, NE of Iberian Peninsula (1986-2013)

- A. Amengual: Impact of climate change on several wine-growing regions of Spain

- K. Baba-Hamed: Use of statistical methods for spatialization of climatic parameters in Algeria

- M. Alarcon: Analysis of the occurrence of extreme temperatures in the Iberian Peninsula in a recent 20-years period, [presentation]

- A. Al-Nassar: The flood event that affected Iraq on November 2013: a synoptic approach, [presentation]

- S. I. Bilgen: Investigation on heatwaves over Turkey and leading atmospheric patterns

- C. Yürük: Interannual variations of precipitation and temperature observations in Turkey

- A. M. S. Delitala: The regional climatological network of Sardinia

- N. Pineda: The influence of the Mediterranean Sea on the annual lightning distribution in Catalonia


Session 6: Water cycle and climate change

- M. Gajic-Capka: Climate and climate change analysis in the lower Neretva river basin, Croatia

- L. Marotta: Assessment of climate change scenarios for Agro-Pontino plain through a Non-homogeneous Hidden Markov Model, [presentation]

- Ö. Karakus: Climate change effect on snow-cover duration in Turkey

- E. Tan: Variability in moisture flux convergence rates on Turkey